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Place Londonderry
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Rung my elderly mother a quite a few times with such as repossession of TY and telephone another time telling of money being withdrawn from bank account. Mum was at her wits end

Called my elderly mum 5 times this week. All blocked anyway - another nuisance call added to the list of 727 so far! we use BT Call Protect with Do Not Disturb an VIP List. (Costs £3.50 per month). We set her phone to send ALL her calls to voicemail and only let those numbers on her VIP list actually come through and ring. Works a treat, not a single nuisance call gets to the phone and all scam calls just go into her junk voicemail! Takes some time to set up, but once done - it's wonderful. The alternative is a call blocking phone.

Very rude male. I would say gentleman but he was not. When I said politely that we chose not to have a warranty and did not wish to take one out he persisted to speak and it was not in a good manner. I do not like to put the phone down on anyone but he would not stop pushing ... eventually I put the phone down. Just not nice at all. May we’ll be a call centre - perhaps not a scam but they’re not going to win with attitudes like that.

English sounding man asked for me by name then told me my warranty was expiring soon, I don't have a warranty. Told him I wasn't the householder (lie) but I would get him. Put the phone down and watched the tv for a few minutes, picked up the phone and said he was just coming (another lie) then put the phone down. After sometime doing this blocked the number. While I had time I thought I would waste his time as that was what he was doing to other people and while he was on the phone tome he was not bothering anyone else.