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023 8036 7890

A woman with E.Asian accent, claiming to be from an independent medical research body - she gave its name and her own, but I've forgotten both! - wanting to survey over-50s. She also had the surname of the person to whom she wanted to speak but did nothing to ensure that she was talking to that person. She was polite and her survey might have even have been 'virtuous', but I didn't waste time finding out, because there are NO legitimate circumstances in which she would be calling our number. When asked where she got it, she responded with the stock phrases (used by good guys as well as the rogues) to avoid saying that they have absolutely no idea, they've just been given a list of numbers to call. This was AT BEST a cold call, in breach of all kinds of legislation and guidelines.

023 8202 5457

Absolute SCAM I’ve spoken with BT who have confirmed this!!

023 8202 5457

Had a call from a guy called Chris claiming BT ate closing down my lines . Absolute SCAM I’ve spoken with BT who have confirmed this

023 8202 5457

Complete scam call, a guy called Chris. Claimed BT would be closing our lines. He was so rude!!

023 8129 0034

They said the call is regarding some survey for marketing information. When I agreed to take part, they asked some information I didnt want to share. So after answer 1-2 question, I asked who is the governing body and said that I am not comfortable sharing the info and they hung up.

023 8235 5649

Asked for Director by first name, would not give information on who she was or what she wanted

023 8235 8180

No message left

023 8235 5649

Karen Bedford from Berry - same thing after the Director wouldn't say what she wanted.

023 8235 5649

Karen from Berry would not tell me wanted - usual Spam after the director

023 8235 2228

Rude man rang insisting on speaking to one of my colleagues claiming he had spoken to him a couple of months ago. Used his first name as if he knew him well and nobody actually calls him by that name. Didn't want to discuss it with me as he said it would take him too long to explain, to which I said "don't bother then" and put the phone down!

023 8045 3344

Called at 8.30 am. Heard noise in the background like a call centre then phone went dead!

023 8922 7004

allegedly calling to report that my BT internet connection would be closed down tonight.

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