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020 1388 6401

This number has no business calling me reported it

020 1224 5719

Whose number is this

020 1532 8123

told me i have £2000+ in ppi from MBNA!!!!told them i was 94years old and could not understand them as they were talking to quick in hindi LOL

020 1059 3915

State from BT my internet will be cut off if I don’t press a given No. male voice. One of several similar calls from female on similar numbers. SCAM. Cut call off

020 1819 2941

I got a call saying that they will cut my internet became illegal activities but I havent done such thing

020 1688 7052

2.15 in the morning - nobody on other end. ring back - number not recognised message.

020 1385 2106

voice stated my broadband would be cut off at midnight and to press 1 to continue with broadband service. Checked with BT and confirmed that it's a scam call.

020 1584 8846

Said my land line was going to be cut off by Bt.

020 1584 8846

Scam no cutting of phone by Bt ha ha

020 1601 7807

Recorded message said it was bt I don't have BT ?

020 1776 2502

On answering transferred through to Answerphone message saying from BT and going to lose telephone connection today and to press 1. I replaced handset. Now received 2 calls. Looks very dodgy to me. Not even with BT.

020 1685 6576

Recorded calls have been received from this number saying it is british telecom and my internet access is going to be disconnected

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