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0141 167 3065

Claimed to be calling from BT regarding internet fault. We don't use BT. Indian call centre called himself Steve lol.

0141 671 9390

Instantly hung up when i answered

0141 456 8890

Scam don’t answer

0141 671 9390

phone rang, on answering caller hung up. redialed number but was 'not recognised'

0141 671 9390

01416719390 Number called, when I answered hung up. I redialed the number which was 'not recognised'

0141 474 7905

Immediately hangs up.

0141 319 8677

Free lottery tickets, none arrived syndicate special offers?

0141 378 8650

Suspected scam call telling me £600 had been taken from my Visa account, called two consecutive days up to now!

0141 378 8650

Scam call informing me £600 had been taken from my Visa account, called twice up to now

0141 501 6288

recorded message to say that £600 had just been sent to a foreign country from my Master/Debit card and please press 1 etc etc. beware a scam (I did not press 1)

0141 901 2450

No idea who this is, no message left so it's blocked.

0141 220 2473

Answer phone reportedly from my internet provider (not named) advising they'd been trying to contact us and were going to disconnect our internet due to illegal activity and for more info press 1. We didn't.