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0131 119 6926

This number appears to be a scam as it mentioned that it was my internet provider (but didn't give its name) and that my Internet was being switch off unless l pressed "1" on my keypad. I suspected that if l did l would be transferred to a premium rate telephone number.

0131 716 8513

Few days ago from this number I got a couple of calls and after receiving this number user wanted to know about myself and my physical condition. In the same day from this number my younger also got couple of calls and this time also the user wanted to know about my younger's physical condition and the same thing that also asked to me Now I am worried about this phon calls. please help me to know who is the user of this number and why he is making such types of call.....

0131 725 1456

Alawys call me

0131 332 1551

Knew my name, said from Windows, I said I already had double glazing and hung up. Immediately phoned back and threatened to close my computers down in 1 hour!! Told him to carry on.

0131 643 9352

I need his call list

0131 587 6065

Rang, no message left. I despise time wasters

0131 207 6884

This number rang me: It was a recorded message: “This is Kate from the UK communications authority. Suspicious activity has been detected on your line. As a precaution it will be disconnected ..... if you want to stop this ...... (I hung up then)

0131 470 4385

Talktalk scam

0131 507 0413

Phone number given by a suspected scam caller purporting to be a Microsoft technician.

0131 613 3765

Numbers calls but says nothing, third time today

0131 507 0643

Said that l had been involved in a car crash.. and l have never owned a vehicle. Block number

0131 792 2995

called my business number and message about BT disconnecting internet with options to press option 1 or 2 and then just started swearing!

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